Showreel 2017


Animation Concept Art “Again”

Concept Art made for a pitch for an animation, featuring a post-human world in which creatures of the nature rise from the ashes to restart the cycle of the Earth again.



Concept Arts for “Sin of an Artist”

Some concepts for an idea I had about a possible animation, featuring an artist and his drawings that come to life… but they are not happy to be alive.


British Gas Concept Art

This are concept arts I planned to submit for a freelance job commission offered by British Gas for an animated advert. The animation would have been animated on After Effects. I based the look of the characters and of the concept frame on the script provided with the brief.

Unfortunately, the offer was closed earlier than expected and as a result I  didn’t have the chance to send my project proposal.

Old Paper Texture_00000



Green Week

University Project made by Rebecca Perrone and me for the Green Week event taking place in London.

We were asked to come up with an idea for making London a more eco-friendly city, and as a result we developed the concept of street lights powered by the sun light through solar panels or wind turbines with the shape of trees. At the end, we thought the second option was more plausible for a windy city such as London, e we further developed the concept with some additional ideas, like for example turbines located across bridges or buildings in order to make most of the natural power wind can offer.

Here there is the 3D model of the original idea made in Maya.

These are images modified on Photoshop showing how the street lights might look in reality.

Meanwhile here there are the concept arts I made for the idea related to the wind energy.